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About Us

Standardized Quality | Customized Service | Assembling Innovation

We are an Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider established in 2006. Our headquarters are in Hong Kong while our assembly plant is located in Dongguan, China.

The Company has established Research & Development and NPI Center in Hong Kong to maximizing Value-plus for customers focusing on Design and Prototyping.

With the combined efforts of our Hong Kong team and the capability of our manufacturing plant in China, our solutions offer the latest technology, reliable quality, and high productivity of the printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) service.

Our logo - a G with an orange dot at the end represents of our commitment to assembling your innovations. 

The dot represents your idea and the flexible path symbolizes our production process, flexible and tailored to your needs. During production, we are here for you from beginning to end without changing hands.

Gentech Ciruits Limited Logo

Improvement is what we're all about.

Gentech continues to improve its core services of delivering innovative technology solutions to customers.

As an EMS provider, we bear in mind continuous improvements in both quality and sustainability, we are not only bringing your ideas into life but also contributing to our planet for future generations.

Risk Management

In this macroeconomic environment, Gentech realizes that attempting to avoid all potential risks is impractical and we will never make an unachievable promise. Instead, we assess these risks and make the best decision for adjustment to react to the market for risk minimization and risk spreading. 

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Turnkey Solutions

We will learn your needs and solve obstacles together. We aim to serve you better through our value-filled manufacturing experiences.

PCB Assembly Partner

One Commitment

Zero Defects

Learn about our Quality Management:

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